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How you can donate and help OUR COMMUNITY TOGETHER

여러분의 헌신을 통해 레븐은 지역 주민을 섬기고, 더 나아가 해외 선교 및 국내 선교, 자선 단체 및 다른 지역교회와 동역함으로 하나님의 나라를 확장하여 나아갑니다. 

레븐교회에 헌금 기부를 원하시는 분은 아래의 방법을 통해 하실 수 있습니다. 

Without givers like you, our church can’t have an impact or influence in our community. With your support, we’re partnering with local nonprofits, sending out global mission trips, and hosting small groups on topics that help real people like you.

Together, we can make a difference.

Please choose the way you would like to make changes to our faith community

ways you can donate:



Come join us every Sunday!


Offerings and donations can be accepted via Zelle or PayPal below.  Please use as receipient for Zelle. 

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